Pointe Shoe Fitting Information

The Dance Shop specializes in pointe shoe fittings and customization. Please help us to provide you with the best customer service possible.  Please call ahead to schedule pointe fittings 814-941-1915.

Why do we schedule pointe fittings at The Dance Shop?

  • Priority is given to customers with an appointment.  We know your time is valuable and don't want you to have to wait for a pointe fitting once you get to The Dance Shop.
  • At The Dance Shop,we think your pointe shoes need to fit PERFECTLY!
  • Only associates who are trained and certified in pointe fitting will be fitting your pointe shoes at The Dance Shop
  • Fitting pointe shoes requires more time and attention than other dance shoes.  At The Dance Shop,we schedule at least 30 minutes per fitting.
  • At The Dance Shop want all of your pointe fittings to be a relaxed and fun experience !

Just like all dancers' feet are shaped differently, pointe shoes come in different sizes, shapes and strengths.  Here at The Dance Shop,we have thousands of pointe shoes in stock in more than 24 different styles.

Call to schedule your pointe fitting today!  Group fittings available after hours.  814-941-1915

Professional Pointe Fittings