Suffolk Spotlight Hard Pointe Shoe

Suffolk Spotlight Hard Pointe Shoe

Sonnet Standard Pointe Shoe from Suffolk

Sonnet Standard Pointe Shoe from Suffolk

Nikolay by Grishko Victory Pointe Shoe 0542N

Flat and stable medium platform, balanced by hand
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A unique box construction with the use of two paste brush-on for strength where needed and flexibility where desired. Easy roll-through shank with unique last that is built as an improvement of the Iconic “Elite” model. This new last features an elegant faux taper, while still fitting very broad and square foot shape. This model features the broadest platform in the NIKOLAY® line.

Expanded size range with the widest selection of length and sizes, this model is extremely versatile, fitting a variety of feet from narrow to very wide, square to slightly tapered. Ideal for square shaped feet and medium arch.

Fitting notes:

The fit: Great size range, Easy to fit with the correct stock range. Will be the most versatile shoe in your stock if stocked in the range of sizes.

Shanks: Shanks feel a bit stronger than other models, this is due to the high supportive wing that is brushed behind the shank for stability, when fitting, do not be afraid to bend the arch a little bit and work it back and forth to pre-shape the shoe a little bit. This model will break in perfectly and last much longer in the "perfect broken-in shoe feel". Great for dancers with wider feet, taller and heavier dancers. The new FLEX shank feels absolutely perfect as a broken-in shoe that is easy to get over the box with and easy to roll-through from the first wear.

Binding The Elasticated binding has the perfect tension without gathering too much on the heel. Provides a sleek and classic look to the foot.

ANTIBACTERIAL BOX & SOLE Silver nano technology treatment of the inner lining.


Platform: Extra Wide Vamp: U-cut, Medium Sole: Machine-stitched Wings: High

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